Peran Seni Dalam Menumbuhkan Kecerdasan Emosional Anak Down Syndrome


  • Septia Henefryani Universitas Cendekia Abditama
  • Aisyah Dhianisa Universitas Cendekia Abditama


Seni, Kecerdasan Emosional, Down Syndrome


Down Syndrome is a condition in which an individual has a chromosomal abnormality.  This genetic cause has an impact on the characteristics of Down Syndrome sufferers such as low intellectual level, physical form and low response to the environment. Down syndrome is also one of the types of impaired children with clinical type categories. Intelligence that can be stimulated for children with Down Syndrome is not much different from other early childhood with special handling organised to train abilities and skills as a means of self-exploration of their limitations. One alternative that can be implemented is to stimulate emotional intelligence through art. This research aims to analyse art's role in fostering Down Syndrome children's emotional intelligence. This research uses a qualitative method with library research. Data is collected by reviewing the text and then using content analysis techniques. This study's results indicate that art's role is very influential on the emotional intelligence of children with Down syndrome.




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