Analisis Keterampilan Berbicara Anak Usia Dini dalam Bercerita di Kelas B RAM Salafiyah Simbang Kulon


  • Awalia Uly Ajnichati UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


keterampilan berbicara, bercerita



The aim of this research is to explain the learning process of children through the use of storytelling in developing their speaking skills and explain the factors that help and hinder the use of storytelling in developing speaking skills. Qualitative research methods were used in this research. Interviews, observations and techniques are used in data collection methods. There are many supporting factors that need to be considered when using storytelling methods, such as the source of the story, the media used, the storyline, the teacher's ability to present characters, mindset and appreciation. for children etc. There are also factors such as the wrong choice of story, unattractive media, forgetfulness, and the nature of the child. This research data is a data collection tool that uses data, observation forms and data on children's speaking skills. The collection technique is through observation and interviews. Data analysis techniques use qualitative data. The use of storytelling techniques shows that children's storytelling skills continue to improve with each storytelling activity session. Presenting an interesting story such as its development and presentation can arouse children's interest in listening to the story, and children can participate in discussions regarding the content of the story and influence the development of their speaking skills. The results of research conducted on students with speaking skills according to the narrative method were classified as 'good'. Based on observations and interviews, you can see that telling stories can greatly improve


and stimulate children's speaking skills. We can see this in every meeting: Children make progress in improving their speaking abilities, even though their performance varies, because one person's performance cannot be compared with another person's. The conclusion of this research is that teaching speaking skills through storytelling can motivate children to learn better by increasing students' knowledge at RAM Salafiyah Simbang Kulon.

Keywords: Speaking skills, storytelling




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