Penerapan Metode Bercerita Sederhana dalam Pemerolehan Bahasa Anak Usia 3-4 Tahun



  • Aisyah Nurul Idzatirrodziyah UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Language, storytelling, early childhood




Mother tongue is a child's first language which is acquired orally with simple spelling. Language functions as a tool for interacting or communicating in society. Some language development in children aged 3-4 years experience problems in conversation, delivery or expression, as well as in talking to other people. One of the problems faced by children aged 3-4 years in group A at KB Cempoko Legokclile Bojong, Pekalongan City is that a child has only been able to make a sound for a few months because he is shy. Apart from that, there are also students whose vocabulary is not clear, so as teachers, we must ensure that we as teachers have a clear vocabulary when talking to children. Teachers train children to tell stories or tell tales so they have the courage to speak in front of people, and also help children become more mentally and linguistically independent, who were previously shy. The purpose of storytelling activities is to determine the development of children's acquisition of language skills. And how teachers try to teach language to children through storytelling is the subject of research. Data collection methods include observation, interviews, and documentation. The research results show that the school has character, emphasizes discipline and responsibility for children, and teachers are good listeners for children when they tell stories. And in our language, we teach children to always use the words sorry and thank you as characters. The media used is a journal that has many choices, such as a free drawing journal, which allows children to use their imagination. Then, we ask them to learn to speak and retell what they drew. We have to monitor children and continue to encourage them to talk.


Key words: Language, storytelling, early childhood




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