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  1. Theme:  

“Development of Sharia  and Legal Studies of  the Moderate Character in the  Global Context”


  1. Background

Sharia and legal studies are two dimensions that greet each other,  dialectical and provide mutual support in harmony. However, the dialectic of sharia and legal studies, which are mutually enriching, supportive and complimentary, cannot develop optimally,  even paradoxical. This condition cannot be denied, because there is a philosophical problem between sharia and legal studies. For example, sharia studies recognize that legal norms that cannot change (qathiyyyat). In contrast in legal studies,  where values and norms were created by humans and ultimately depend on human agreement about what is considered a changing value/norms and a fixed. Therefore, for the two sciences to be harmoniously and dialectically correlated so that they can develop optimally in the national and global context, then the flexible, dynamic, rational,  factual, and moderate character is needed. Moderate can be interpreted as having a national commitment, tolerance, non-violence, and accommodating to local culture.

The development of Sharia and Legal Studies the moderate character in this global context has become an exciting and relevant topic to be discussed in international conference forums. This 1st International Conference on Sharia and Legal Studies are in line with the vision of the Sharia Faculty of the State Islamic Institute of Pekalongan, i.e: "  Become a leading and competitive faculty at the global level in the harmonization of sharia and legal sciences the moderate character in 2036". This  International  Conference of Sharia and Legal Studies was hoped will produce comprehensive concepts, ideas, ideas, and thoughts for the development of sharia and legal studies the moderate character in national and global contexts.

Based on this reason, the Sharia Faculty of IAIN Pekalongan invites and invites academics, practitioners, students, and relevant stakeholders to contribute to the International Conference on sharia and legal studies with the theme: "The Development of Sharia and legal studies with the moderate character in a global context" in November 2021. Innovative and experimental ideas are strongly encouraged to be submitted. Given the current Covid 19 situation, this event will be implemented out with virtually and non-virtually methods but on a limited.