Industrial Dakwah and Youth Transformation Towards a Moderate Understanding of Islam


  • Zainal Arifin Universitas Islam Negeri Salatiga
  • Edi Cahyono Universitas Islam Negeri Salatiga



Industrial Preaching, Transformation, Moderate Islam


In the era of digital information that continues to develop, young people are very exposed to various perspectives and information, both positive and negative, regarding Islam. Industrial preachers, with their technological skills and deep insight into contemporary youth, have emerged as significant agents of change in creating a balanced understanding of Islam. This article explores the various strategies they used to achieve this goal, including leveraging social media, an inclusive educational approach, and building strong role models. This research is a literature study with a rationalistic approach. Data analysis uses reflective thinking logic to interpret Moderate Islamic values. The results of the research show that there are already many Islamic religious leaders in Indonesia who apply social media for preaching such as Quraish Shihab, Habib Ja'far, Adi Hidayat, Gus Baha and others. This Industrial Dakwah can also reform youth in understanding Moderate Islam because they can choose the content they want. Moderate Islamic understanding also comes from the culture and experience of the individual. Furthermore, the phenomenon of digital da'wah in Indonesia is marked by people who are still somewhat blind about the digitization of da'wah, most of whom are elderly.