Islam Rahmatan Dalam Hadis-Hadis Jihad


  • Mochammad Achwan Baharuddin UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Hadis, Sword, Heaven


This paper discusses the problem of the claim that Islam is a religion that legalizes violence. The claim is justified by the existence of some hadith textually supporting the existence of violence in achieving a goal, especially to reach His heaven. One of them is heaven behind a flash of sword. Editorially, the hadith is an analogy as the hadith of heaven is behind the sole of the mother's feet. Through a socio-historical approach, this paper means that the sword is primarily not made of steel, but rather the use of compassion and forgiveness when meeting enemies. Prioritizing compassion and mutual forgiveness, in addition to being able to deliver the lives of fellow peaceful and peaceful fellow humans, it can also create a heaven of life in world life