Kecerdasan Hubungan Sosial antar Komunitas Masyarakat Tana Toraja


  • Nuryani Nuryani Institut Agama Islam (IAIN) Palopo


Social Relations, Intercommunity, Difference in Religion


This paper aims to explain about the Tana Toraja people who have a social interaction pattern of hereditary cultural heritage which is manifested in the form of "Tongkonan". Tongkonan is a kinship social institution. This institution is a translation of the beliefs and obedience of the Tana Toraja people towards the teachings and roles of their ancestors called "AlukTodolo". Traditional ceremonies that are similar to religious rituals are still dominated, even though they have adopted a religion such as Islam, Christianity or Catholicism. This research is a descriptive qualitative research, with a multi-disciplinary approach namely theological, phenomenological, and sociological. The results of this study found that the pattern of social relations between communities of different religions among the people of Tana Toraja is kinship, economic dependency, and through patron-client. Factors influencing the pattern of social relations between communities of different religions in the Tana Toraja community are supported by aluk todolo's beliefs as ancestral beliefs held for generations, as well as cultural factors and customs/traditions carried out as a moment to maintain harmony in social life. The implications of social polarrelation patterns on the harmony of life of the Tana Toraja community include; maintenance of tongkonan patterns, 'signs and solo' signs.