Dakwah Bi Al-Hikmah Dalam Upaya Membangun Kesadaran Masyarakat Multikultural

Studi Terhadap Dakwah Nabi Muhammad


  • Agus Riyadi UIN Walisongo Semarang
  • Asep Suraya Maulana UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Dakwah Bi Al-Hikmah, Membangun Kesadaran Masyarakat, Dakwah Nabi Muhammad


This research is motivated by the people of Indonesia with a very complex level of diversity. It has many islands with a diversity of cultures, races, regional languages, ethnicities, religions, beliefs, and many others. This reality causes Indonesia to be called one of the largest multicultural countries in the world. Seeing such conditions, it is not surprising that conflicts often occur between races, ethnicities, and religions. So as a resident of Indonesia Muslims must think of solutions (solutions). This study aims to find answers about 1) how to describe the multicultural society built by the Prophet Muhammad. 2) the forms of da'wah bi al-hikmah carried out by the Prophet Muhammad. The research is qualitative with this type of library research. The results showed that 1) The description of the people who have multicultural awareness that was built by the Prophet Muhammad. is the realization of a society that has an awareness of tolerance in religion, mutual respect for diversity and ethnic differences and social status. And build brotherhood and unity of the people in synergy. 2). The forms of da'wah bi al-hikmah were carried out by the Prophet Muhammad. in building multicultural awareness, the community is rational-psychological. The Prophet. managed to build dialogic and interactive communication with several friends (people) by providing understanding, awareness, good example (uswatun hasanah) and even giving forgiveness to those who ask forgiveness or forgiveness from the Prophet.