The Formulation Of Islamic Accounting Views In Syekh Siti Jenar Archipelago Sufism


  • Agus Arwani UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Islamic accounting, Siti Jenar, Sufism Nusantara


This study aims to analyze islamic accounting evolved through two approaches believed to exist items, namely theoretical philosophical and pragmatic/practical schools. Especially for theoretical philosophical flow there is a unique perspective in the effort to design the character of the financial statements of Islamic accounting in the view of Siti jenar in the framework of Sufism archipelago. This article is a focus literature method, although initially rarely noticed in qualitative research methodologies, is today an important and integral part of the qualitative research methodology.It is Necessary aspects of ethics in the accounting value Refers to the philosophy of manunggaling kawulo gusti meaningful value based accounting in Islamic studies and the Lord be the ultimate goal and Become the ultimate goal of human life. With Siti jenar concept based manunggaling kawulo gusti, then accounting capitalists will not exist, otherwise the concept of accounting profit According to the teachings of Islam would be more readily accepted by the Muslim community.Accounting growing niche to be dominated by the capitalists, this accounting value is no longer free. As modern accounting concepts currently very thick with the feel EGOMAU (egoistic, materialistic, and utility) that emphasizes consideration and achievement of the company's profit figures that can not be denied again, capitalist accounting help Prevent the crisis.