• Annisa Purwani STAI Dr. KH. EZ. Muttaqien
  • Resti Hasby Laelillah STAI Dr. KH. EZ. Muttaqien


Sensoryplay, Braingym, Ceria Playdate


The importance of providing stimulation to early childhood has an impact on preparation for the next level of education, now many parents are starting to realize the importance of educating children as early as possible, hoping that the potential of children can develop optimally. This motivates parents to choose the right early childhood education institution for their children, seeing the many early childhood education institutions with different variations of learning will make it difficult for parents to choose the right educational institution. One of the children's educational institutions that has the uniqueness and variety of learning is Ceria Playdate which is located on Jl. Colonel Rahmat Purwakarta, West Java. At Ceria Playdate, learning services are adjusted to standardize children's learning at their age level, so that children can freely play activities, but of course all activities have a learning goal by developing all aspects of development using sensory play and braingym. Therefore, this research was conducted at an early childhood education institution called Ceria Playdate. The methodology used is a qualitative descriptive approach, data collection techniques using interviews, observations, and documentation. From the research findings that in the Ceria playdate activities focused on sensory play and braingym as well as bilingual school with emphasis on gross motor, fine motor, pre-wreating, pre-reading. Activities such as yoga, hanging, climbing, walking, worm up, playing play dough, playing bubble, playing flash cards and others


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