The Message in the Story of the Prophet Sham'un AS From the Perspective of the Interpretation of Al-Qurṭubῑ


  • Mukhamad Nafiul Ulum UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Prophet Sham'un, Prophetic Message, al-Qurṭubῑ


Prophet is a messenger from Allah SWT to convey several messages to all mankind. Equipped with knowledge and advantages such as miracles to melt the hearts of humans so that they obey and obey him. There are several prophets and apostles who are very familiar because the Qur'an has told about them or mentioned their names. Like the 25 prophets who are commonly known and often taught in various schools, from the prophet Adam to the prophet Muhammad SAW. Apart from that, there are many more prophets and apostles that we can know about and study their lives in fighting for Allah's religion.             Imam al-Qurṭubῑ explains in his interpretation of Surah Yasin verse 14 that there was a Prophet who was sent to spread monotheism in a kingdom until he struggled in various ways to spread the religion of monotheism to the king and his people. The prophet is said to be named Syam'un. Prophet Syam'un was a prophet who was sent not long after the prophet Isa AS was lifted up by Allah SWT to heaven. For westerners, the story of the prophet Syam'un is quite familiar as it tells of various struggles to bring the religion of monotheism after the prophet Isa AS. Western people call Sham'un Samson. Studying the Qaṣaṣ al-Qur'an is certainly an effort to deepen the sciences of the Koran. Apart from that, Qaṣaṣ al-Qur'an also has its own appeal for readers, especially young people who are interested in past history and stories of role models in ancient times. This research is library research which focuses on library data, tafsir books, journal articles and various other tafsir literature using qualitative methods. Data collection techniques use documentation techniques by collecting as much data as possible to be analyzed and explained clearly. To analyze the data that the author has obtained using descriptive analysis. The theory used uses historical theory or Qaṣaṣ al-Qur'an which is a scientific discipline from the Ulumul Qur'an.                From the research results obtained, the researcher concluded that the prophetic message from the story of the Prophet Sham'un As in the tafsir of al-Qurṭubῑ includes an invitation for people to believe in Allah SWT, to always rely on Allah SWT when we do something, an invitation to thank Allah SWT for all His gifts, to always maintain our trust and keep the promises we have been given and there are many other prophetic messages contained in the story of the Prophet Syam'un As.