Prisoners Polygamy in Rutan Pekalongan


  • Erry Arifana UIN K.H. Abdurahman Wahid Pekalongan


Polygamy, Prisoners, Rational Choice Theory


A convict is a person who must serve a criminal term within a certain period of time in
accordance with the court's decision in kracht. Prisoners serving their sentences must be
physically separated from their families. Apart from that, in reality there are prisoners
who practice polygamous marriages. This research discusses the life of polygamous
marriages carried out by prisoners who are separated by iron bars from their wives and
children. This research is empirical legal research using rational choice theory. The
approach taken is a qualitative approach using observation and interview data collection
techniques conducted on 1 (one) inmate informant at the Rutan Pekalongan. The research
results showed that a prisoner with the initials MS practiced polygamous marriage with
his wives, namely R and F. Even though he was in prison, MS and his wives and children
were still able to maintain harmony in their household.