Various Forms of Family Law Media


  • Mutarofik UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Media, Family Law, Mass Media, Legal Awareness, Regulation


Family law is considered the core of sharia and has an important position in Islam. In its development, family law has been renewed due to the influence of globalization and the development of science and technology. The most rapidly developing technology is information technology so that people's needs for information increase rapidly, including information about family law. This article discusses the role and impact of various forms of media in the context of family law. With the widespread use of mass and digital media, its influence on the dynamics of family law is increasingly significant. This study explores the various forms of media used in resolving conflicts, disseminating family law information, and transforming traditional values in society. The research methods used include a literature study, case law analysis, and a review of legal policies related to media in family law. The main findings include a paradigm shift in family conflict resolution through online media, such as virtual mediation and the use of legal consultation applications. In addition, this article highlights the potential of the media in raising awareness of family law through public information and education campaigns. The results of this study demonstrate the importance of appropriate regulation in managing various forms of media in the context of family law. The findings can serve as a basis for the development of policies that are more inclusive and effective in harnessing the potential of the media in improving the welfare of families and society as a whole.