Learning Strategies in the Digital Age


  • Shahifah Arisa Octavia UIN K.H ABDURRAHMAN WAHID


Strategy, Learning, Digital Age


This research is at odds with the rapid development of information technology in the digital age, which has a direct impact on today's education world. Education must be able to respond to the dynamism of the development of existing information technology. Especially in the implementation of effective strategies to be applied as a form of self-adaptation to integrate and implement information technology into the learning process in the educational environment. The strategy needed must be able to improve the quality of learning processes and learning outcomes much better. The strategy is creative and innovative so that it can stimulate the motivation and interest of students, in addition to also to support the plan, process and learning results, so it can improve education quality in the digital age.
This research uses the method of literature study. The step of the literature research method is to determine the subject of writing and then set it into a problem formula, before jumping into the field to gather the necessary data. The aim of this research is to expose a wide range of learning strategies in the digital age that should be an effective alternative to being used to improve the quality of education in the global era. Where the development of information technology brings many positive traps, but also not a few have a negative impact on the students.
The research results of the learning strategy in the digital age explain that there are several strategies that can be used to improve the quality of education in the Digital Age by educators such as teachers and lecturers by using existing information technology.