Efforts of Islamic Religious Education Teachers in Shaping the Religious Character of Students at MSI 02 Keputran Pekalongan City


  • Ulfi Nabila UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


PAI teacher, habituation, Asma' al-Husna


In the learning material for Islamic religious education and ethics (often called PAI and BP) at MSI 02 Keputran Pekalongan City, there is material that discusses faith in Allah through Asma' al-Husna. In this material, the PAI teacher introduces Asma' al-Husna in full by getting into the habit of reading Asma' al-Husna. Even though this material only discusses the 4 Asma' al-Husna. The habit of reading Asma' al-Husna is one form of effort made by PAI teachers to shape the religious character of students at MSI 02 Keputran, Pekalongan city, so that religious values ​​are embedded in the students' souls. This research is qualitative research with the type of field research. Data collection techniques are carried out through observation, interviews and documentation. The results of this research show that the habit of reading Asmaul Husna is not done every day, but only every religious lesson. PAI teachers' efforts to shape religious character through the habit of reading Asma' al-Husna at MSI 02 Keputran Pekalongan City are carried out in several ways, including through example, habituation, mentoring, appreciation and discipline.