Digitalization of Islamic Boarding School Education through a Cashless Payment System Using SiskeSakti at the Al-Istiqomah Banyuputih Islamic Boarding School


  • Aini Yatul Hajroh UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


digitalization, Islamic boarding schools education, cashless payments, Islamic boarding schools


Al-Istiqomah Islamic Boarding School is one of the Islamic boarding schools that has followed digital developments in this more advanced and modern era. The proof is by supporting the presence of financial technology, namely digital technology used in financial services such as payments using electronic money. This study aims to determine the syahriah basis for the cashless payment system, how to implement the cashless payment system using SiskeSakti at the Al-Istiqomah Islamic Boarding School, and to find out the advantages and disadvantages of using SiskeSakti at the Al-Istiqomah Islamic Boarding School School. This study uses qualitative methods with observational data collection techniques, interviews. The subjects of this study were the administrative staff and teachers of the Al-Istiqomah Islamic Boarding School. The results of this study indicate that SiskeSakti is a payment system that can facilitate financial circulation and payments at the Al-Istiqomah Islamic Boarding School. The advantages of implementing SiskeSakti include that the financial system is transparent or open. That is, all access or financial operations in all merchants of the Al-Istiqomah Islamic Boarding School can be seen in one system, through a system that is only controlled by the administration. There are several drawbacks in using the cashless system, including being easily lost, caused by the shape of the card which is thin and not too big, and is often carried when you want to use it.