Pengaruh Gaya Pengasuhan Orang Tua Terhadap Ketahanan Keluarga Generasi Z Perspektif Psikologis


  • Muhammad Sisma Fitra Nurbawono UIN KH ABDURRAHMAN WAHID
  • Musyafa’ Achmad


This research aims to investigate the influence of parental parenting styles on generation Z family resilience from a psychological perspective. Family resilience is becoming increasingly important in facing the complex challenges faced by generation Z, which are often influenced by social, technological and environmental changes. Through a psychological approach, this research will explore the relationship between parental parenting style, which can be authoritative, authoritarian, or permissive, with dimensions of family resilience such as family cohesion, cohesion, communication, and problem solving. The research method used is a survey and quantitative data analysis using a questionnaire distributed to Generation Z samples. The research results are expected to provide a better understanding of how parents' parenting styles can influence the resilience of Generation Z families, as well as strengthen their psychology in strengthening family structure and dynamics. modern. The findings from this research can provide guidance for psychology practitioners, educators, and policy makers in developing more effective intervention programs and approaches to increase family resilience in the Generation Z era.