Family Resilience Straregies In The Artificial Intelligence Era : Facing Challenges And Creating Opportunities


  • Akbaruddin UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan




In the modern era filled with technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an inseparable aspect of everyday life, significantly influencing family dynamics. This paper explores the challenges and opportunities in formulating family resilience strategies amidst the upheaval of the AI era. Through in-depth analysis of AI's role in family interactions, communication patterns, and interpersonal dynamics, this research identifies the primary challenges faced by modern families. Additionally, the study outlines various opportunities arising from the adoption of AI technology, aiming to strengthen family bonds, enhance the well-being of family members, and create a balanced and harmonious home environment. The study emphasizes the need for holistic and sustainable strategies to address challenges and maximize the potential of AI. It highlights the importance of education and awareness about AI, ethical AI usage policies, wise time and screen management, and the development of relevant digital skills within families. These proactive steps are crucial for building a resilient family foundation capable of confronting the complexities of the AI era. Through extensive literature review, this research provides insights into the urgency of addressing AI's impact on family life. It explains the importance of deepening understanding of AI, promoting ethical AI usage, managing technology consumption, and developing essential digital skills within families. Ultimately, this paper offers valuable recommendations for policymakers, educators, and families to effectively adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented by the AI era, ensuring the well-being and cohesion of family units in the digital age.