Islam Nusantara: Identity and Religious Tolerance in Indonesian Islam


  • Khasan Mursyidi UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Islam Nusantara, Islamic Identity, Religious Tolerance


Islam Nusantara is a unique manifestation of Islam that developed amidst the diversity of Indonesian culture. This research aims to examine how Islam Nusantara shapes Islamic identity in Indonesia and promotes tolerance between religious communities. Through a qualitative approach, this study explores the interaction between Islamic values ​​and local traditions, as well as the challenges faced in maintaining social harmony amidst political and social dynamics. The research technique used is literature study with research sources in the form of various books, articles and other documents. The research results show that Islam Nusantara contributes to the formation of a moderate and open Islamic identity, which supports harmony between religious communities. Despite challenges from socio-political dynamics and global influences, the values ​​of tolerance and interfaith dialogue continue to be maintained. This research emphasizes the importance of education and media in promoting and maintaining Indonesian Islamic values, as well as identifying factors that can strengthen or weaken religious tolerance. These findings make a significant contribution to the understanding of religious pluralism in Indonesia and offer a new perspective in discussions about Islamic identity and religious tolerance. This research also recommends strategies to maintain and strengthen the values ​​of Indonesian Islam amidst changing global dynamics.