Habituation of Religious Values as the Key to the Formation of Religious Culture


  • Nora Karima Saffana UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Religious Culture, religious activities, religious values, habituation


This article focuses on the importance of religious culture and religious values in schools. To instill religious values in the younger generation. In dealing with the current moral crisis, such as promiscuity, violence, crime and drug abuse, religious education also has an important role. Schools have an important role in shaping religious culture and religious education, using habituation methods to instill Islamic values in students. The school also has various religious activities to instill religious values in students. This article uses literature research methods with secondary data collection techniques and critical analysis of relevant library materials such as books and journals. The results of the analysis are presented descriptively to provide an overview of the formation of character education and habituation of religious values in schools.