Implementation Kahoot as a Learning Evaluation Medium in Increasing Interest dan Motivation Mathematics Learning at elementary School 02 Rowoyoso


  • Tiara Fadhilah UIN Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan
  • Rahmat Kamal


Media, Evaluation, Kahoot.


This research is motivated by technological advances in assisting learning activities through to the evaluation process. The evaluation or assessment process which usually uses paper sheets is considered to be ineffective and less innovative. Therefore, theachers try to use the Kahoot application media to make learning and assessment activities more varied and interesting. The purpose of this research is to determine the implementation of the Kahoot application as a means of evaluating learning. This research use descriptive qualitative research methods by collecting data through interviews, observation, and documentation. The result of the research show that the Kahoot application is easy to apply and is able to make students more enthusiastic and interested in working on the question given by the teachers.