Childfree and Human Sustainability: Consensus in the Effort to Form a Harmonious Family


  • Muhamad Fariz Firmansah UIN KH Abdurrahman Wahid


law, family law


The desire of married couples to not have children after marriage, known as childfree, is starting to spread in Indonesian society. One reason cited is the concern that an increasing human population may lead to further environmental degradation where humans reside. On the other hand, this view is countered by some who base their argument on religion, stating that religion commands humans to form families with the aim of having offspring. Meanwhile, the perception of marriage in most societies is seen as an effort to build a harmonious family. This research employs qualitative methods to describe events, people's behavior, or a particular situation in detail and deeply in narrative form. The harmony between birth and human survival can be achieved by consciously building a harmonious family, whether or not to have children within a family is the choice of each couple. There is no obligation requiring every family to have children.

Keywords: Childfree, Population Trends, Harmonious Family