The Role of the Tahfidz Education Program in Fostering the Character of the Santri of Agung Alim Islamic Boarding School Blado Batang


  • Zamroni Zamroni UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Educational Programs, Character Building, Tahfidz Education


The background of this research was based on a growing age, requiring that everyone always be dynamic. Now pure Indonesian culture is beginning to take eroded with external unfiltered  cultures. Delinquency teenager signify of moral degradation has happened. To that end, in the face of the day's challenges, there needs to be a program that can build character each young generation, especially student in the Qur'an Agung Alim boarding school Blado Batang. The problem with this research is, 1. What are the programs that are implemented in the education tahfidzul Qur'an  of the Agung Alim quran boarding school in the city of Blado, Batang?, 2. How role does the education Tahfidzul Qur'an in building the character santri of the Agung Alim Qur'an boarding school in the of Blado, Batang?. The goal to be achieved in the journal discussion is 1. Gives a description of the  tahfidzul Qur'an education  programs carried out in the Agung Alim Quran boarding school of the Blado, Batang. 2. Provides an explanation of the role of the tahfidzul Qur'an education in establishing the character in the Agung Alim Qur'an boarding school in the Blado, Batang. The study uses a qualitative approach with a kinds of research qualitative descriptive or field research. From this study acquired a descriptive data on the role of a Qur'an education program in the Agung Alim Qur'an boarding school of the Blado, Batang which data collection techniques are done with interviews, observations, and documenting. Whereas the data-analysis techniques with techniques  descriptive the critical analysis. The result of this study is that the Tahfidzul Qur’an education program plays a important role in establishing the character of every santri in the Agung Alim Qur'an Blado, Batang to be a good character in his life such as sincere, honest, fair, tawadhu’ courageous, patient and disciplined. Furthermore, through the Tahfidzul Qur’an programme carried out in this boarding school, will print young hafidz/hafidzah,  which can be a superior national asset.