Implementation of the Ash-Shuffah Concept in the Formation of Students' Morals in the Age of Disruption


  • Muhammad Arroyan UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


ash-shuffah, islamic education, Islamic Morality


The concept of Ash-Shuffah education during the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW provides a holistic view of Islamic education, covering spiritual, moral, and social aspects. The educational methods applied, such as Halaqah, Al Ikhwan wa Al Mujadalah, Khutbah, and others, are not only effective in delivering material, but also can shape the character and morals of students. The purpose of this study is to implement the Ash-Shuffah concept in shaping the morals of students in the era of disruption. An era where technological advances are a challenge for strengthening character and morals in Islamic education. The research uses a qualitative approach, with the type of literature study research. Data collection uses documentation techniques, and analysis with content analysis techniques. The results and findings showed that the application of Ash-Shuffah's educational methods in an integrated manner, helps an educator create a learning environment that allows learners to actively participate in the learning process, thus improving their understanding of Islamic concepts and forming a pious and noble character in the era of disruption. The Ash-Shuffah concept has strong relevance in the context of contemporary Islamic education and can help build a generation that has noble morals and a deep understanding of Islam amidst the advances of the times and technology.