Use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) In Pai Learning at State Primary School Keputran 06 Pekalongan


  • Abul Mafaakhir Abul UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


learning, PAI teacher, ICT, studying result


This article begins with the dynamics of contemporary developments related to the development of technology and information. The technology that has been developed is very diverse, including bio technology, multimedia technology and communication technology which make a significant contribution to every aspect, one of which is the educational aspect such as the use of ICT in PAI learning. Learning using ICT can motivate students which ultimately influences learning outcomes (output). The use of ICT is an alternative solution in addressing problems related to the quality of PAI learning. According to several research results, the use of ICT can provide positive values ​​for the world of education. This article explains how PAI teachers are creative in developing ICT-based learning media using a descriptive qualitative approach, which tries to thoroughly understand the phenomena that exist in the field. The qualitative approach is considered relevant because it aims to describe the use of ICT-based learning media in PAI learning at SD Negeri Keputran 06 Pekalongan. From the research that has been carried out, it can be concluded that in implementing ICT-based learning there is a need for training so that PAI teachers must be able to master ICT well so that the learning objectives that have been formulated can be achieved. Therefore, ICT-based PAI learning will only be successful if it is managed in a planned, systematic and integrated manner.