Transformation of Islamic Education: The Urgency of Innovation in Islamic Education in The Digital Era


  • Mohamad Siroj UIN KH. Abdurrahman Wahid


Transformation, Islamic Education, Innovation, Digital Era


Islamic education is central to shaping morally upright and knowledgeable Muslim individuals. However, the challenges of modern times are pushing Islamic education to transform and innovate. This article discusses the importance of innovation in Islamic education in an era marked by rapid transformation and digital advancements. Considering the context of globalization and the development of information and communication technology (ICT), the article highlights the urgency of transforming Islamic education. Its primary focus is on innovation in Islamic education that integrates digital technology to enhance learning effectiveness, expand reach, and create more engaging and interactive learning experiences for students. The article also identifies challenges that may arise in implementing innovation in Islamic education in the digital era and presents several strategies to overcome these barriers. Thus, the article emphasizes the necessity of continuous adaptation and innovation in Islamic education to keep pace with evolving times towards greater digitalization. Using a literature review methodology, the article underscores the importance of innovation so that Islamic educational institutions can prepare a high-quality generation ready to face changes with firm Islamic convictions. Innovation in Islamic education significantly impacts overall transformation, including increasing relevance and attractiveness, expanding accessibility, improving the quality of learning, developing critical and creative thinking skills, and strengthening Islamic identity and intellectual independence.