Degradation of BP4 Function in Strengthening the Family Resilience Program in Indonesia


  • Slamet Hasanudin UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


law, family



The discourse about family resilience is actually inseparable from an institution that has been performed in years ago and are concerned on quality of marriage. Especially for Indonesia, this institution is played by BP4 (Advisory Agency for the Development and Preservation of Marriage) which was officially established on January 3 1961 upon Keputusan Menteri Agama RI Number 85 year 1961 with the hope of being able to success the family resilience programs. However, along the way, the BP4 function has not been able to show its results, it has been proven that the divorce rate is still high. This research is very important to analyze the factors causing the weak functioning of BP4 through a literature study of regulations related to the existence of BP4 and regulations regarding family resilience. Through normative juridical research methods with a qualitative-descriptive-analytical-historical approach from literature study data collection, this research explains that the factors that cause a weak function of BP4 in strengthening family resilience are first, the absence of regulations and policies that strengthen the existence of BP4 in implementing its functions, secondly, the incoherence of policies regarding family resilience which intersect with the function of BP4.

Keywords: BP4 Function, Family Resilience, Divorce