Tolerance between Religious People in the Present Context: Study of Verses on Inter Religious Tolerance and Their Implementation in Kasimpar Village, Petungkriyono District Pekalongan Regency


  • Suroso Suroso UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Tolerance, Religious, Culture, Implementation


In social life, it cannot be denied that there will be frictions that occur between social groups, both related to race and religion. So, to maintain integrity and unity in society, an attitude of tolerance and mutual respect is needed, so that frictions that can lead to conflict can be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and implement tolerance between religious communities in society, so that a harmonious and peaceful society can be realized. The type of research used is qualitative research, namely research aimed at analyzing phenomena, events, social activities, attitudes and presenting research data presented in the form of descriptions, while this research is field research. then the research approach that the author uses is a thematic approach, namely a way of interpreting verses from the Koran by determining certain topics by collecting all or part of the verses from various surahs that talk about that topic to relate them to one another, then draw conclusions. overall. The data used is primary data and secondary data sources. Meanwhile, the data collection techniques used were observation, interviews and documentation. Data analysis uses qualitative descriptive methods. The results of this research are first: The Kasimpar Village community's understanding of religious tolerance is classified as very good. Because the tolerance that exists in Kasimpar Village is influenced by their own awareness and influenced by the family and environment in which they live. Second: The practices of tolerance between religious communities in Kasimpar Village are apparently in line with Allah's commands contained in the verses of the Koran, for example, the practice of doing good to everyone and acting fairly towards people who do not fight because of religion, this is stated in QS. al-Mumlahanah verses 8-9. Then, it turns out that the attitude of helping each other towards all people who are Muslim and non-Muslim is already in the Qur'an in surah al-Maidah Verse 2. Furthermore, freedom to embrace religion and respect for adherents of other religions has been taught in al-Maidah. -Qur'an in surah al-Kafirun verses 1-6.