The Ethics of Relationship in the Ta'aruf Period in the Digital Age: The Perspective of Qira'ah Mubadalah on WhatsApp Application Users


  • Siti Darma Mar'atus Solihah UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan
  • Ihza Maulina UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


digital, relationship, qira’ah mubadalah, ta’aruf


Ta'aruf is a process of personal recognition between men and women before heading to marriage. In general, the ta'aruf process is carried out after the proposal or khitbah. After the khitbah procession takes place, in Islamic social ethics, a man is not allowed to be alone (seclusion) with a woman who is betrothed. However, the change era going to digitization brings influence on social associations especially the ta'aruf process . Phenomenon ta'aruf method in the era of digitization This will be associated with the principles of deep thought building relational mindset of man and girl. The principle of mubadalah is initiated by Faqihuddin Abdul Qodir. In mubadalah, the principle of mutuality is especially important in the relationship between men and women. As for the meaning of 'mutual', that is, both give and receive between the two parties. Thus, this study aims to analyze the ta'aruf method in the digital era in qira'ah mubadalah on the relationship between men and women using the WhatsApp application. This research is a type of normative research in the category of qualitative research methods with a phenomenological approach. This means that the author examines and analyzes the phenomena that occur qualitatively. The results of this study include the identification of the development of the ta'aruf method and the impact of social ethics in the review of Qira'ah Mubadalah on the ta'aruf process of the digital era, especially for users of the WhatsApp application. Qira'ah Mubadalah can give a new mindset to every man and woman. In this study, the authors found a formulation of the mindset of building relationships in the ta'aruf process and its relevance when applied to the digital era using the WhatsApp application.