The Importance of Building a Qur'anic Paradigm in Students of MTs Al-Hikmah Bandar Batang


  • Tika Lisdiyanti Pascasarjana, UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Qur'anic Paradigm, Digitalization, Students


Developments in the digitalization era now facilitate students in utilizing technology, both adding knowledge to support the material learned at school and absorbing information about the outside world. In this case, it is important for students to have a paradigm that then filters the flow of information that is so fast. This paper offers a qur'ani paradigm to be the basis for thinking in filtering the rapid flow of information by involving the verses of Allah in every way we look at information which is then able to conclude appropriately, not deviating from the values contained in the Koran. The type of research used is qualitative with a case study research method on MTs Al-Hikmah Bandar Batang students. So that it can find out how important the qur'ani paradigm is. Using observation and interview research techniques. The goal is for students to be able to know how important the qur'ani paradigm is as a way for students to filter the flow of information that is so fast in the digital age.