Strengthening the Islamic Character of Youth as an Effort to Prevent Cyber Bullying Actions Among Teenagers in Pekalongan


  • Farisa Novita Sari UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


cyber bullying, Islamic characters, teenagers


Cyber bullying is still a serious issue in society, especially among teenagers. The lifestyle of hedonism and thirst for recognition makes teenagers capable of doing various things, including bullying. The low character of teenagers and the lack of understanding of manners are the supporting factors for the development of this cyber bullying phenomenon. From this fact, an effort to strengthen character is needed to stop criminal acts from happening again and to bring civilization back to the golden age of humans as the best and noblest creations.

This study aims to determine: (1) The impact of cyber bullying on the mental condition of adolescents (2) Forms of strengthening Islamic character to prevent cyber bullying.

The research design uses a qualitative approach with a case study type of research. Collecting data in this study using interview techniques, observation and documentation. Then the data were analyzed through the stages of data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion.

The results of the study show that: (1) The act of cyber bullying greatly affects the mentality of the victim, one of which makes the victim feel intimidated and feel unappreciated. As a result the victim will feel depressed and the most fatal can lead to suicide. (2) Forms of efforts to strengthen Islamic character that can be done to prevent cyber bullying include: strengthening religious character, tolerance, and social care through various social activities, and providing full understanding to adolescents to become polite and civilized individuals through study activities Islamic.