The Role of Islamic Boarding Schools in Improving Community Religiosity Values in the Era of Globalization


  • Lulu Nur Hidayah UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan, Indonesia


role, religiosity, globalization


The birth of Islamic boarding schools always experiences an increase in the number, quality and utilization. Islamic boarding schools or educational institutions that are uniquely Indonesian have a strategy of values ​​in the development of Indonesian society which is quite common in various parts of Indonesia. Islamic boarding schools also have a role in character education in the era of globalization. In the era of globalization, Islamic boarding schools have experienced a metamorphosis in their roles and functions. Globalization also presents a challenge for Islamic boarding schools in producing cadres of scholars, tafaqquh fi al-din, Islamic values, and others. However, Islamic boarding schools view globalization as an era dynamic that cannot be avoided. This research takes the case of an Islamic boarding school in the Pekalongan district, namely the Hidayatul Mubtadi-ien Islamic Boarding School, which was a transition from what used to be a cafe or karaoke shop which was still active, then was bought and converted into a pesantren. However, the problem is how Islamic boarding school Hidayatul Mubtadi-ien is able to have a good influence on the community environment, and how Islamic boarding schools are able to improve the quality of people's religiosity in the era of globalization. The purpose of this study is to see how the role of Islamic boarding school Hidayatul Mubtadi-ien as a battering ram for the religious values ​​of its people in the era of globalization. The method in this study is qualitative research that seeks to describe the role of the Hidayatul Muntadi-ien Islamic Boarding School in Pekalongan Regency in the era of globalization for society, in addition to revolutions in places that used to be karaoke stalls to become Islamic boarding schools, also equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge, also by inviting the community to learn and carry out religious coaching in the current era of globalization.