Religious Learning Strategies at PAUD Kospin Jasa


  • Chusni Dwi Yulianti UIN K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid Pekalongan


Strategy, religious learning, early childhood, PAUD


One of the basic attitudes that a child must have to become a good and right human being is to have good religious attitudes and morals in behavior. Early childhood is the best time for Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers to lay the foundations of moral and religious education to children. Although parents play a big role in building the moral and religious foundation for their children, the role of PAUD teachers cannot be underestimated as they usually tend to obey their teachers' orders. Therefore, a PAUD teacher must always try in various ways to guide children to have a good personality, which is based on moral and religious values. With the provision of these two educational foundations, a child can learn to distinguish good and bad behavior, right and wrong, and get used to carrying out religious teachings according to the level of growth and development. Educating early childhood with good moral and religious education is not an easy job so PAUD teachers must always improve their insight, understanding and teaching strategies.